Deposition – William Joseph Noonan


The Depositions

Deposition of William Joseph Noonan

The examination of William Joseph Noonan
Innkeeper of Roebourne
taken on oath this 12th
day of March in the year of Our Lord one thousand
eight hundred and 85 at Roebourne
in the Colony aforesaid, before the undersigned, one
of Her Majesty’s Justices of the Peace for the said Colony in the presence and
hearing of Frederick Bevan, Charles Warburton, William Holmes Gilroy and San Qui who
are charged this day before me for that they the said F. Bevan. C. Warburton
W.H. Gilroy and San Qui at Roebourne on

This deponent William J. Noonan on his oath
saith as follows:-I am a publican I know all the prisoners. I left Roebourne on the 6 December last for Fremantle. I returned on the 28 February. When I left Roebourne Warburton was lodging at my house; he occupied the middle room opening out of the billiard room. That was the room I took the Inspector to on the 1st March. When I left for Fremantle Bevan and Warburton were empolyed sinking a well for Mr A McRae, about 2 chains from my house. Warburton began to board with me on or about the 26 October. Before that he had been boarding with Bevan for some months. They were at work at the well within a day or two before I went to Fremantle. On the 1st I showed the Inspector the room. I handed down a carpet bag belonging to Barnes and a portmanteau belonging to Warburton. There were several other articles. Old trousers, shirts ? ? which I handed down; also some boots, one pair belonging to Barnes. I saw something in behind the rafters which I reached down and handed to the Inspector. On his opening it I recognized it as a hat worn by Warburton. There were two other hats on the floor. I examined the hat found under the rafter and saw stains which I believe to be blood. I know Warburton had 2 hats. I recognize the one produced (J) as his. I have known Warburton 13 or 14 months. I believe he was wearing hat J when I went to Fremantle. I recognize it also by its shape and color. I examined the contents of the portmanteau with the Inspector. I missed a diagonal coat and waistcoat which I have seen him wearing. The hat (F) is the hat I handed down and I believe it to be Warburton’s. I got at the things by standing on a box. I could not reach the hat without standing on the box. The rain comes through the upper roof. All the clothes I handed down were mildewed. They seemed to have been thrown up out of the way. I could only just see a bit of something behind the rafter when I found the hat. The hat was doubled up.

W.J. Noonan

Before me
E.H. Lawrence J.P.