The Depositions

The following are the witness depositions taken down in Roebourne shortly after the murders of Thomas Anketell and Henry Burrup. I have also included an interesting 16 page handwritten statement made by Frederick Bevan, one of the murder accused. The original documents were located in the Supreme Court File of the murder trial. [105]

Click on the links below to read the various transcribed documents.

Note: [?] indicates that I could not transcribe the word (yet).

Sergeant Daniel O’Connell – 12th March 1885

William Joseph Noonan – 12th March 1885

Caroline Platt – 12th March 1885 

Isabel McRae – 18th March 1885

Roderick McRae – 18th March 1885

Dr John Albert O’Meehan – 18th March 1885

Florance C. Broadhurst – 18th March 1885

Edward Lillis – 18th March 1885

Lilian Hall – 18th March 1885

Jane Noonan – 18th March 1885

Richard Thomas Eaton – 18th March 1885

Charles Zeddi – 18th March 1885

Robert Burns – 18th March 1885

James Andrew – 18th March 1885

Frederick Bevan – 20th March 1885


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