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Latest Updates and News

21st November 2017

Photos of Roebourne c1893, viewed from across the Harding river, have been added. Lovely details of the buildings can be seen in the enlarged versions when you click on the photos. Be sure to check them out.

20th November 2017

Deposition of William Joseph Noonan has been added to the depositions page.

19th November 2017

Depositions of Robert Burns and James Andrew have been added to the depositions page.

17th November 2017

Depositions of Caroline Platt, Richard Thomas Eaton and Charles Zeddi have been added to the depositions page.

16th November 2017

The website has now been fully updated. All seems to be working well. Now I can get on and add more new content.

9th November 2017

It’s been a long time coming, but I am finally updating this website. When I first started building it in 2009 I had no idea it would become as large as it did. And, there is still more yet to be added!

  • The website is now sitting on a modern platform and is responsive ie. It can be viewed on different devices.
  • A new search facility has been added. As many of the pages are quite text heavy I have been tweaking the fonts and background for easier reading.
  • There has been some general tidying, correcting small errors as I come across them.
  • Breaking up large sections into separate pages ie. The “Motive and Musings” section in the left hand menu.

Many of the pages have not been re-uploaded yet, but I am working as quickly as possible to rectify that situation. So keep checking back.