Newspaper articles – The West Australian

The West Australian

January 1885

22nd – The first news report detailing the murders.

23rd and 26th- Some further brief details about the murders. Union Bank charters the schooner Flowerdale to go to Roebourne and authorises £500 reward.

February 1885

6th, 7th and 11th – Telegrams reporting arrest of Bevan, Warburton and San Qui. Free pardon offered.

19th – First major details of the murders.

20th, 23rd and 25th – Sub-Inspector Rowe proceeds to Roebourne. Suspicion on Gilroy and Pontt. More details.

27th – Public meeting at Roebourne. Letters of condolence to be drawn up for relatives of Anketell and Burrup.

28th – Report on inquest. Evidence against the accused.

March 1885

9th and 11th – Gilroy discharged due to lack of evidence. More particulars on evidence given in court.

April 1885

11th and 13th – Prisoners arrive in Perth. Additional evidence taken from George Harrison.

June 1885

3rd – A letter by William Pontt to the Editor disputing an earlier article in which it was stated that he was in Roebourne the night of the murders.

July 1885

1st – 9th (See “Trial” page.) – Daily reports on the Supreme Court trial of Warburton, Bevan and San Qui.

November 1885

3rd, 6th, 11th and 14th – Editorial outraged with persistent broad insinuations, of their Fremantle contemporary “The Herald”, that plunder was not the object of the murders. “The Herald” is attacked again for articles with their persisting insuations. Also, quantity of silver missing after the bodies of Anketell and Burrup were found. This was never mentioned in the trial.

May 1886

11th – The later part of this article gives a further description of the Union Bank and its surrounds.

15th – A very indignant letter from S.B.L. Elliot to the Editor of The West Australian regarding rumours about the murders.

March 1887

30th – Execution of Franz Erdmann (alias Frank Hornig) imminent. It is hoped he will confess to the murders of Anketell and Burrup at Roebourne.

April 1887

5th – Execution of Franz Erdmann. He never confessed to the murders.

July 1890

8th and 10th – A sensational statement by former inmate of lunatic asylum and a later article rebutting such statement.