Police file – George Stevens – 11th – 19th July 1890


The Police File

Police Department Sub-inspectors office
Bunbury WA

I have to inform the Commissioner of Police on 7th July Mr G.M. Stephens who represented one of the men that was charged with the Roebourne murders informed me that he thought the murderer would come to light. He had a long talk with the Chinaman San Qui. Mr Stephens states that he would be willing to go to Roebourne if the Government employed him as a private detective but should organise to have full power to [?], but not to be known that he was at Roebourne for that purpose. He says that he is of opinion that the guilty person is at Roebourne, he also tells me that he has spoken to the Manager of Union Bank at Bunbury some days back. I have seen the [?] and find that what Mr Stephens said is correct and he will be visiting [?]


Sub Inspector Back

Having received this information from Mr Stephens you should have interviewed San Qui and have ascertained upon what terms he would go to Roebourne, for how long and when he would be ready to go.

It is to be regretted that he did not communicate direct with you instead of this third party. As it is the chances are that it will become known and that a rumour will reach Roebourne and the object of San Qui’s presence become common property.

Geo Phillips
Commissioner of Police


E.G. Back
Sub Insp.

I think you must have misunderstood that it was Mr Stephens said he would go to act as a private detective if the government would like to employ him. I do not know what information he is in possession of. The Chinaman would be prepared to go at any time if he could get the means to go. He is next door[?] to [?] and told me if he had the means he should go at once to Roebourne.

E.G. Back
Sub Inspector