Police file – George Stevens – 11th October 1890


The Police File

Private and Confidential

Bunbury 11th Oct

Major Phillips, Perth

Dear Sir,

Some weeks ago Mr G.J.M. Stevens called on me and stated that he was going to Roebourne on the Detective service, at same time produced a document signed by you to that effect – and that he wanted to remit money to his wife and to ensure secrecy asked me if he might send it to me to be handed to her as she might require, to this I agreed.

For reasons which I will give if you wish, I shall be glad if you will be kind enough to inform me if Mr Stevens is still in the employ, and in receipt of pay from the Police Department.

I have kept this matter [?] found secret, and will do so as long as required.

Yours faithfully

Thomas Hayward.


Electric Telegraph Western Australia
Time 9.41
The following telegram received here from Roebourne.
Date 11 Oct 90

To J. Denny[?] Mgr Union Bank

Please wire forty pounds today important.

G.J.M. Stevens