Police file – George Stevens – 7th January 1891


The Police File

7th January 1891

The Commissioner of Police


I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of your telegram of yesterday’s date and sent a wire to you but the Perth office refused to accept it unless prepaid.

This seems to me rather strange as other telegrams have been sent without beng prepaid and I must decline to put myself to any further expense in the matter.

I have to inform you that the report is in Mr Hayward’s hands under seal and he will forward it to you upon receipt of £54-17-6 balance due to me.

From this position I cannot withdraw but must now place the matter in the hands of my solicitor for collection as I can wait no longer for my money.

I should have forwarded the report to you but considering the manner in [which] I have been treated by you I could not in justice to myself place myself entirely in your hands.

I am very sorry to be compelled to take proceedings but you must blame yourself as you have behaved most unfairly to me committing as I have pointed out before a breach of the arrangement and in fact blocking me every way possible.

I have the honour to be
Your obedient servant

Geo J. Malcolm Stevens