Police file – George Stevens – 8th November 1890


The Police File

8th November 1890

The Commissioner of Police


I have had no reply from you to my letter to you of date 21st Ulto. I would have written to you last night by the “Rob Roy” but I waited expecting there might be some communication from you by the mail which arrived here last evening from Perth.

I now enclose you all account of my expenses and had I known what the expenses would be I certainly would not have gone for the sum I stated.

I did my best and had you not wired to me as you did could have done more. This I mentioned to you in my last [letter].

Any further information you many want if in my power to give I will be most happy to forward to you.

Will you kindly forward the money to Mr Thomas Hayward Bunbury who is my banker there.

Can you give me an appointment as Sub Inspector in the North West as I can then carry on the matter to finish and with success.

While I was in Roebourne I came accidentally upon the tracks of the Shark’s Bay murder but the information I have is at present of not very much [?] but if followed out might lead to the discovery of the murderers.

Kindly let me have a reply by return mail.

Yours truly,

Geo J. Malcolm Stevens


Western Australia

Police Department,
Chief Office,
Perth, 16.11.90


I cannot discuss this matter further with you until you furnish me with a report in detail of the result of your visit to Roebourne including the fullest particulars of all information gleaned by you both at Bunbury and Roebourne and the names of the persons giving that information.



I have to acknowledge receipt of [?] of the 18th inst and in reply to state that until I receive the detailed report asked for I shall pay you no further sum. So soon as this report is in my hands you will be paid what is due to you.



27th November 1890

The Commissioner of Police


Herewith I enclose you the letter which I wrote to you on the 19th inst and posted on the 20th but which was returned to me by the mail arriving here on the 25th inst.

Will you kindly attend to this matter at once as I want to have it settled so that I can seek for some employment somewhere and I cannot afford to waste any time.

I have the honor to be
Your obedient servant
Geo J. Malcolm Stevens