Police file – James Lithgow – 26th January 1887-1


The Police File

Electric Telegraph Western Australia
Time 12.15pm 26th January 1887
The following telegram received from Ashburton Station.

To Sergt. Payne Cossack

H Woolhouse has no recollection of date John Maher arrived there with news per Roebourne murder. On twenty eighth September Lithgow left for Roebourne and got man named Jones to assist him saw timber. They got rations on fifteenth December and twelfth January and on ninth February got saw tiller repaired. Lithgow left twenty fifth October and went Roebourne to get man and returned about nineteenth November This is only from entries for rations as he did not draw any between dates mentioned. Benjamin Longstaff came out with him about nineteenth November. Lithgow and Longstaff left Woolhouse’s on thirteenth March. Mr Woolhouse can give no certain information about Longstaff as he has no entries in his books about him.

M. Guilfoyle P.C.