Police file – James Lithgow – 6th January 1887-3


The Police File

Central District
York Sub district
York Station

I beg to report for the information of the Commissioner of Police.

On visiting Lakes police station on 17th January 87, I saw a statement that was taken down by PC O’Hara from Exp 4641 James Lithgow, a sawyer. On 4th January ’87 James Lithgow states:

[here Sgt. O’Connell repeats the first statement made by James Lithgow.]

I have to state respecting the above statement there are no windows at the back of the bank at Roebourne. The window that was broken was in the front of the bank where Anketell’s remains were lying. There was no sign of any papers being burnt on the table in the bank. The only papers that was charred at the ends were some forms at the ends to the left of the safe and they were packed that tight that they would not burn. There was grease on the floor which appeared to me as if a candle had been placed against these forms that were packed up in order against the wall and the ends were only charred. Anyone could see what they were blank forms. The safe did not appear to me to have been tried to be forced open.

Lithgow states McRae forgave him a debt that he owed the store after summonsing from [?] at the trial at Perth. I served the summons on Lithgow for a debt he owed the [?] if McRae owed. I served this summons on him at Mardie Station, a hundred miles from Roebourne. McRae gave evidence against Bevan at Police Court Roebourne. I believe Lithgow was in Roebourne on New Year’s Day.

Daniel O’Connell
Sgt of Police