Police file – Thomas Sullivan – 8th March 1887


The Police File

Metropolitan Police
Perth Station

To Sub Inspector Lawrence

I have to report for your information that on Friday 4th inst. Thomas Sullivan came to me at the Central Station and told me that he had just been watching George McRae to the railway station and asked me to go and arrest him for the “Roebourne Murder”. I tried to get some information from him and to see if there was anything in his talk but could get no sense from him. He appeared to me to be on the verge of lunacy and on my trying to reason with him he became offended and told me it was no use of his trying to hunt up the murder if I refused to arrest McRae.

He also made some rambling remarks respecting Alexander McRae saying that he McRae would as soon see the death as him. Then he left the station. I may add that this man has been noticed keeping company with several loafers lately.

[Signature indecipherable]