The Murder Trial

Charles Warburton, Frederick Bevan and San Qui stood trial in the Supreme Court of Western Australia charged with the the murder of Thomas Anketell. The trial lasted for six days, from the 2nd July to the 7th July 1885, and generated a huge amount of interest and excitement within the community.

On Wednesday, 8th July 1885, the day after the trial, The Enquirer newspaper, devoted many columns to report a day by day account of the trial. Ghosts from the past are bought to life again with witness testimonies that have been recorded word for word.

The West Australian newspaper also gave an account each day during the course of the trial. In some respects whilst witness testimonies may not have been reported in such detail, The West Australian does cover parts of the trial and parts of witness testimonies that The Inquirer did not. I believe both accounts compliment each other.

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 The Inquirer Newspaper.

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The West Australian Newspaper.

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